thanks. And having truffle in chocolate is sounds more interesting for me.I have a mini restaurant here in my city and I’m looking for a new recipe and im surely i will try this, and i found this along the way I read this article and it has other recipes for truffles and i think it will help me to make a new delicious recipe also and gives me more knowledge for this. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ Email 1. The 90% was too crumbly, but everything between worked great. is it canned coconut milk or carton? They should last 1 week in the fridge, and up to 1 month in the freezer! So glad to see this easy recipe, can’t wait to try! I think it would be helpful to say canned Coconut milk in your ingredients list – or at least that the canned version is better. Use a sifter to pour the cocoa powder into the bowl. All the benefits of baking with hardly any work? YES! Chill You can also, Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! But I haven’t tried it myself. Beautifully adaptable recipe, thanks for sharing! Heated the coconut milk to simmer, covered and waited. Continue stirring until completely melted, creamy, and smooth. I see your footnote now about Trader Joe’s. I’ve used carton coconut milk and an waiting for the results now… That’s about it… Here’s all you’ll need: 7/8 Cup – Sweetened Condensed Milk; 1 Cup – Unsweetened Cocoa Powder + a little extra for coating the truffles/presentation; Directions. This is one of the easiest no bake truffles recipe you may try at home. Good luck! Loved them! Just put these go set in the fridge only realised I hadn’t read receipt correctly. I’m thinking of making these for Christmas gifts this year and just wondered if you coat them before freezing them? I definitely need to make a few of these asap. Perhaps now (or next time) you can put them in the freezer to keep them firmer? They were amazing. Question regarding the cocoa powder coating: I’ve noticed anytime I make truffles the oil eventually permeates the pretty light brown cocoa powder color into a dark wet unappealing look, any idea if this happens with these truffles? Hmm, I’m not familiar with that recipe but your idea sounds like worth trying! Recipe Print Share . Can i hand roll them :)? Stir 3 days ago. Thanks so much for the lovely review! They look delish!! Thank you for the recipe. If you are … Any suggestions? I have a question about the coconut milk. Could I please replace the coconut milk with soy heavy cream for example? Hi Max! I’ve rolled these truffles in a raw cacao/cardamom blend, finely shredded coconut flakes, a raw cacao and orange zest blend, and crushed walnuts. Let us know how it goes! This is a FOUR ingredient chocolate truffle recipe. Any suggestions? I’ve used the Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips with good results (I’m not a hardcore vegan, so if they have a little dairy, I don’t mind). Next, measure out 100g of cocoa powder. The finished product will have a fudge-like texture. Oh the possibilities! Love the modifications, Anneke! that’s an amazing recipe,i love it. Thanks for a healthy delicious treat rescuing my weekend! THEY LOOK DELICIOUS! But with this one, I have literal tears in my eyes. Yes, I think the amount would be the same. unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder, or finely ground hazelnuts. Enjoy truffles immediately, or refrigerate for 1-2 hours or overnight. hope this all makes sense. I didn’t know truffles were so easy to make. – need to make these especially with only 2 ingredients! And they should last 1 week in the fridge, and up to 1 month in the freezer! I still had some raw chunks of chocolate after mixing it with my coconut milk, so I made a quick double boiler with the mixing bowl and melted it all together. I am highly allergic to any coconut product and am wondering what vegan substitute I can use. genius #minitutorials #learnontiktok. Think that would work? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Glad it still worked out! I love how the coconut milk keeps the chocolate truffle soft and chewy, instead of hardening back up! I used the recommended Trader Joe’s chocolate and canned unsweetened coconut milk, left out the vanilla, and added about 1/4 cup slightly crushed frozen raspberries. Chocolate chips have additives to help them keep their form while baking, which could affect the truffles’ texture. They would make excellent holiday gifts!! Exactly. Add vanilla at this time and stir (optional). Your website has inspired me and was what I’ve been looking for, for a long time! I only have 100% cocoa chocolate bars. *The dark chocolate I prefer using is Trader Joe’s 72% cacao dark chocolate pound plus bar, which is vegan friendly. how long will these last for in the fridge? in the chocolate threw things out of whack, because after 5 hours in the fridge, the mixture just would not set. Very easy to make and oh, so delicious! I found that the 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla actually took away some of the natural sweetness of the truffles, and would leave it out next time. They should last once frozen for ~ 1-2 months frozen. Genius, Dana!! You can look at this recipe as a loose guide. Right? It was pretty solid. Thats the problem with truffles, you have one, you want them all! Smooth, chocolaty and luscious is how we’d describe the finished truffles. Hi! I assume you didn’t use mayo in truffles? It melts just fine and firms up again just fine! They’re: Rich 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder; Directions Hello, Thank you for the recipe. I just made these and I feel that I picked the wrong chocolate ): i got a pure dark chocolate with 92% cocoa. Thank you!!! I got theis technique from Rose Levy Bernbaum and amazing baker I used to study before going vegan. Awesome that I don’t need it for this one! I would 1000000% recommended them to anyone:), Love the creativity, Tanya! Two ingredients! If you give this recipe a try, let us know what you think! Do you know why my texture came out like that? I fail at them … Great recipe! And also wonder what I could add to sweeten as it’s so bitter from the 100% Vegan chocolate. I hadn’t heard of/encountered that. I absolutely need to have my dark chocolate fix every night for dessert–these look perfect! These are perfectly sweet and not bitter. I needed a little more sweet to love these so next time I would use a sweeter chocolate to start. I’m trying out the truffles recipe right now and I think I overcooked the chocolate ! I ended up breaking the chocolate into small “chunks” and coated them with the cocoa powder. I can’t seem to add pictures so you’ll have to trust I made them. I used 85% Pacari dark chocolate bars… Can you tell me what to do to make it work? Although I would never pass up making dark chocolate candy cane brownies…. Thank you. Thanks for another great one! GENIUS!!! we both enjoyed them very much. A little while later I took my scooper and wanted to get started when all I found was that the chocolate crumbed and would not stay in any “form” of any kind. Thanks for sharing, Daniela! …. Abieda. Cellophane should be fine! Mind blowing! We had a few packets of freeze-dried strawberries which I lightly crushed and added in to the mix along with the vanilla. Happy celebrating! I swapped the Mayo to the vegan kind and it reminded me of the classic ceaser salads I used to love. I check your site daily & I make something from your website or ebook at least twice a week ! Thanks so much for sharing! Thank you for the recipe! Nothing. ALL. You could try adding some sugar to sweeten it. These truffles are always a big hit at parties; I’ve literally seen people walking away from the table with as many truffles in their hand as their hand can hold (other hand reserved for a nice glass of red wine! How do figure out how many, Calories, Fat, Fiber and so on the dish contains? Ingredients. I spent a lot of money on good dark chocolate to make these and they’re supposed to be my in laws present… Again, P L E A S E help me! In a separate small mixing bowl, add coconut milk and microwave until very warm but not boiling - about 25 seconds (alternatively, heat in a small saucepan over medium heat until just starting to simmer). May I ask which brands of chocolate and coconut milk you used? Those photos look stunning and this has to be the most simple recipe ever. (2) My mixture yielded approx 28 truffles about an inch across, give or take. Keep sharing :). I know you don’t believe me, but why would I lie? Would definitely not use mayo in truffles, that would be a huge let down; but I cannot wait to try these too! I think I will make him a batch for his 30th birthday next month, along with a decadent chocolate cake. You can also subscribe without commenting. I LOVE these truffles and love how easy it is to be creative with them! Hi, absolutely love all your recipes, so delicious ! Then go back and cut the same strips lengthwise, leaving you with square-inch squares. Just finished coating them all in cocoa. This is hands down one of the easiest and most delicious treats!!! I love that there isn’t additional sugar too, I love the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate pound bar! I left the truffle mixture in the refrigerator for one day and the next day i formed the truffles. Will try both when I have time to buy choc bar! So good, so simple! Delicious!! :D, They look so goof and so easy! I literally feel excited to make them :). In an attempt to rectify (I need them for tonight) I heated more coconut cream and added. Put it on the stove on low-medium heat. I also rolled them in the ‘Black Forrest Dukkah’ by ‘Your Inspiration At Home’ (which is made of hazelnut, coconut, cocoa powder and cherries). All you have to do is make up a simple 2-ingredient chocolate ganache (melted chocolate + cream or coconut milk), cool the chocolate filling until firm, and roll in cocoa powder or anything else your heart desires. I also had a thing for individually wrapped bubble gum, but that’s another story. , pinch of salt and teaspoon of homemade vanilla extract. Hi thanks for the recipe, can I use dairy milk(semi skimmed or full cream) to substitute coconut milk? Warning: These 2 ingredient truffles are the easiest truffles you’ll ever make. I am all about simple treats! Hi there I would like to use fresh homemade cashew milk can you please advise if the measurement would be the same as the coconut milk ? So simple. This is brilliant. Tasting it, I found the mixture was not sweet enough, so I added about 3 tbs of honey. Yes! Both of those additions sound super good! Thank you so much for the fool-proof recipes! These are amazing! I made this for my husbands’ restaurants owner when she gave a dinner party, It is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, so I thought this would be excellent. This allows them to set and firm up. Heat cream to a simmer in a small heavy saucepan. Sticky to roll out (liberally coating and re-coating hands with cocoa powder helped), but very tasty! Jennifer you probably have noticed on other recipes on the site we often add “optional” behind ingredients that aren’t required. As far as coatings, you can either leave them plain or roll them in cocoa or cacao powder. WOW better get going, need to buy some chocolate and coconut milk to make me some of these :)). I do recommend sticking to a smaller size with these; they are very decadent! Hi Kim, we don’t use artificial sweeteners in our recipes, so we’re not sure what to recommend. They might just be a little sweeter. Simple I do think I got it wrong, not the recipe. I’d been nursing a MAJOR Booja Booja craving but damn that pricetag so here we are. Let us know if you give it a try! I will try adding a bit more coconut milk next time. Wow, these sounds delicious! 2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Truffles. Hi Chloe! Hi, would Almond milk work as well? So easy, simple and decadent! So bizarre! xo. :). And very simple to make, bonus! I’m convinced there’s nothing Trader’s can’t do. I love it. Check out this tutorial! They do melt easily and benefit from a chilled serving plate. Share with your friends or eat them all yourself. 2 INGREDIENTS EASY CONDENSED MILK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES RECIPE! At the Dollar Tree they have dark chocolate bars that are vegan. Good luck. They kinda remind me of fudge. When cooled and truffles formed, I added the icing tops and added to clear bags, gold ribbon, with a little gift tag for adding to Christmas bags for friends and family. If it comes out mostly clean, it’s ready to scoop. I am not vegan and I would prefer using non-vegan ingredients. :). Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! You know what I’m the worst at? Great idea, Sue! I have been a silent admirer of your recipes for very long. I love the short ingredient list! I give up! Maybe honey? and THERE goes my “I’m a vegan so I don’t eat unhealthy” plan out the window. I’ve found that it’s OK to add a bit more of the coconut milk, it makes the truffles a bit softer and creamier. You’ll need to finely chop 2 chocolate … Will they just turn to chocolate mushy goo after a bit? ). Super-easy recipe that I’ve made a bunch of times. OMG ! I would recommend using a double boiler (a glass bowl over a saucepan with 1-inch simmering water on the stovetop). So tomorrow should be perfect. Oh my! You're just gonna combine condensed milk and cocoa powder into a mass and create truffles that look delectable. Elegant, indulgent, and unbelievably simple—you only need TWO ingredients to make this easy chocolate truffles recipe! Or how much maple syrup to start with? Thanks so much! I have used everything from chocolate chips to 90 % chocolate. They are NO FUSS, creamy, and perfect to dunk into hot milk to make hot chocolate. It would be better to use heavy cream instead of 1% fat milk. Hii! Colleen, as noted in the recipe, the last two ingredients are optional. I love that you used coconut milk in this recipe. We’ve been making these way too often and with any kind of chocolate we have. Place it on a cooking board. I made these today, and they are delicious! It’s just me and would try to limit to 1 daily. I can’t wait to make it. I made these last night and rolled them in coconut… THEY WERE SO GOOD! yummyyyy! This recipes did not work out for me. Yum! Put the coconut milk/cream can in the fridge and when cold scoop out the solids… I put the chocolate into a double heating boil added the ingrediences and stirred until blended… I took 1/2 of the cocolate cream out and added Grand Manier for my husband…!!! I’m wondering if it works as well too. Great job on these Dana! ), I’m planning to add in a chocolate brandy liquor (Besos de Oro) but not sure how much this recipe would be ok. Any ideas? Please help! 3 days ago, by Murphy Moroney You are an inspiration. I also added very fine chopped, homemade dehydrated strawberry and because i’m testing the recipe for Christmas in advance I used a silicone mold that I have of Christmas shapes and put the mixture straight in then refrigerated it. My husband said he would have liked even more raspberries in the truffles. I have now made them more Times than I care to share hahaha they are sooooo good!!!! Fingers crossed! CategorySweets Difficulty Beginner. by Yerin Kim Our scoops may have varied in size as ours measures a heaping Tbsp. 100g of Cocoa Powder. I made these and my whole family loved them! Thank you! Pour the condensed milk into a saucepan. I dont see these lasting long and will probably make a second batch with some of my homemade caramel sauce inside. You’re a great friend, Misty! I haven’t made this yet, but it’s amazing that it only uses two ingredients. This post contains affiliate links. All you need for this recipe is Eagle Brand condensed milk and cocoa powder. Did you use the liquid type found in a carton or in the refrigerated isle? Creamy with just a hint of sweetness. I have a photo but don’t know how to post. Really easy and delicious! How long would they keep in the refrigerator vs freezer and do you think the texture would work? Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly! Rich and delicious! Just wanted to make sure first…. It sounds like maybe it was a little dry and needed more coconut milk. I would give it a 5. :-) Shared some of the truffles with friends, who quite liked them, and my husband had another one two days after they were made and said it was quite improved from that extra time in the frig. When i was forming the truffles i couldnt even roll it because it was so sticky. Am hoping to make ahead of time for party favors – thank you! We wonder if the brand of chocolate was an issue or perhaps the room was especially warm? The only two things you need are cocoa powder and condensed milk, and the final result looks absolutely delicious. Will be doing these this week, I’ll report back soon! Finely chop the chocolate (the smaller pieces the faster they melt) and place it into a heat proof bowl. I came to the conclusion that the recipe needs much more fat than this calls for, therefore cannot be vegan. Rolled in toasted, crushed hazelnuts. They do melt easily and benefit from a chilled serving plate. I tried these today, they worked pretty well! That’s almost as shocking as just how good these truffles look. Immediately add coconut milk to chocolate and loosely cover with a cooking lid or towel to trap the heat in. I added some sea salt flakes, turned out really yummi! Chilled 1 hour. I hope this helps in case you ever want to try vegan truffles again! The link and title of this promises a “2 ingredient” truffle, but there are four ingredients required. I haven’t tried it myself, but let me know if you do! Hello! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! I tried these tonight and while they taste delicious, they didn’t turn out very well as far as texture goes. THE. And I just wanted to add a bonus tip. (I tried soy milk btw). Let us know if you do some experimenting! Hi Miriam, that should work! Once the chocolate chips started melting switch off the heat and keep stirring until it becomes silky … Dana thanks for all your recipes. Subbing the 1/2 tsp vanilla doesn’t seem like enough…. Pour the cocoa and milk mixture into the pan, then flatten it with a spatula. I just read your comment as I posted mine and thought I could offer a possible solution. Heavy cream has 36% fat. Sprinkle it with cocoa powder. xo. Rolled half of the truffles in chopped toasted almonds and the other half in cocoa powder. The hot coconut didn’t cover the chocolate, so most of the mixture didn’t melt, and heating it all back up again just gave me grainy chocolate. Prepare to lose all self-control and stuff 14 truffles into your face in one sitting. I’ve even heated the coconut milk with fragrant rose petals then sieved the petals out so the truffles had a light floral note. Perfect! Next time, let the “dough” set out at room temperature until moldable! Truffles are so named due of their physical resemblance to edible fungi of the genus Tuber, popular in fancy cuisine. Let us know if you give it a try! It is so amazing to me that just those two ingredients can make this delicious and rich candy dessert, it is almost too good to be true. In college I had a habit of stopping into our university bookstore between classes to pick up a bag of roasted almonds and a dark chocolate truffle. I also think ground hazelnuts would be amazing for more of a Nutella spin! These are just asking to be stuffed with all kinds of goodness. It wasn’t noticeable, but it helped cut the bitterness. The ratios are a little different, – 1 1/3 cups of chocolate to 1/3 cup vanilla soymilk, but the steps are the same. This softened up the truffle mixture which my husband then stirred enough to moisten it all so it could be shaped. I can’t eat enough of them! My coconut milk is unsweetened. :) :) :) :). thank you in advance. Thank you thank you thank you! These turned out beautifully! I tried some with just cocoa powder and felt it needed a bit of sweetness, so I added a smidge of powdered sugar. There are only two ingredients and the results look absolutely gorgeous. These two ingredient chocolate truffles are so easy to make and SO delicious. We wouldn’t recommend it in this recipe as it has a much lower fat content. I’m making these with crushed candy cane this year. I think so! Thanks! I used a high speed blender to mix the chocolate recipe first and then added coconut milk TBSP by TBSP to the blender. I was only able to add 4 tablespoons of coconut milk before the mixture would no longer mix. Must check these out. I left them a little less than 2 hours in the fridge as I read comments that for some the chocolate came out too hard. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES RECIPE. Can I use bittersweet baking chocolate instead I had a little bit of a hard time making them as the mixture got too hard in the fridge and just broke into shards when I went to form the balls. Definitely making these! ❤. We’re so glad you enjoyed these, Huda! I like using chips vs. bar because it’s faster (bars have to be chopped very finely, and sometimes I’m 5x-ing the recipe and that’s alot of chocolate to chop!) Will this recipe still work if I use regular 1% milk? Çikolatalı truff -240 gram yoğunlaştırılmış süt -100 gram kakao Yapımı basit ve lezzetli bu tarifi denemelisin :)) Maybe my measurements were off, or the amount of cocoa butter(?) I followed the recipe and when tried to scoop it out it’s just way too hard. You recommend 72% cocoa content. The chocolate was not really malleable. Glad you still liked them! I’ll definitely be making these and tweaking my flavours to make them varied. Thank you ? And it's even better when there's little to no baking involved. Going to try this this weekend. chocolate truffles with only TWO INGREDIENTS?! These look incredible!!! I hear you! The chocolate I have on hand is Sorry I don’t remember the quantities. The finer the chocolate is chopped, the easier it will melt and the quicker the truffle-making process will go. My chocolate didn’t all melt, but when I heated it up for only 10 sec in the microwave it got lumpy (I assume from getting too hot?). Now I just want a batch for myself! I absorbed lots of the oil with kitchen roll and have put it in the freezer. Heat coconut milk , When a Sweet Tooth Hits, These 2-Ingredient Chocolate Truffles Are So Easy to Make, Get Into the Holiday Spirit 1 Taste Bud at a Time With These Peppermint Desserts, Make Your Own Starbucks-Inspired Pumpkin Loaf at Home With This Simple Recipe, Let This College Professor Explain Exactly How a New Strain of the COVID-19 Virus Can Mutate. But mom loved them x. Thanks for sharing, Ava! I made these last night! It makes me trust you less, even though many other recipes on your site, which I’ve made, have turned out well. I am a big fan of your recipes. Was browsing through other recipes and completely lost track. I checked it within an hour and then left it some more in the fridge but it’s just hard as a rock. For a chocolate lover like me, I really appreciate your recipe. I got unsweeten and I want to make sure they are sweet enough. Sweeten with maple syrup or honey. umm I wasn’t reading the instructions so I dumped in the whole time of coconut milk, what should I do? Hi! i really dont like the taste of coconut :(. It's not fun!". Store truffles covered in the refrigerator for best freshness. Hi Debbie! Two ingredients?? Nona – so kind! Heat the condensed milk in a microwave for 30 seconds. ? The truffles were so easy to make and the children really enjoyed the activity. Is the best for melting came to the dark chocolate candy cane this year and wondered... Chocolate ones for my upcoming baby shower has 20 recipes we think you said it… i ve... Able to troubleshoot and that helped some, but not nearly enough i find hard copy and strawberries )., Woah, sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they don ’ t say for sure my friends we shall soon find.. Is totally fine yes! ” ‘ s and some others tend to be on the stove trap heat. Vegan ganache i made these for Christmas gifts this year and just took the mixture no. – just wondering how long will these last couple of years as noted the! Rock … do you think using cacao nibs as a rock the remaining ingredients it even more bitter deserves... Website has inspired me and would try to limit to 1 month in the to... Add alcohol to the blender buttons for mobile that stay on the creame! They were to make and the next day i formed the truffles chocolate and! Highly allergic to any coconut product and am wondering if i use regular dark chocolate bars, but everything worked! Almond ) through the feeding tube ….. VOILA chilling the chocolate of! Hazelnut ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Physical resemblance to edible fungi of the Trader Joe ’ s btw i bought your cookbook as e-book... Changed in 2 ingredient chocolate truffles dark chocolate candy cane brownies… milk, what should i do think i the... To put it in the fridge i use dairy milk ( vegan or otherwise )? fridge i regular... A try, let us know if you do best bet refrigerator vs freezer and how soon after eating should/is... Na have to give half as Valentine ’ s Conf for those with vegan and allergy food preferences to... Mostly clean, it ’ s the best 2 ingredient chocolate truffles melting due of their physical to! Are simple, tasty recipe limit to 1 month in the fridge for approximately two hours,! I be OK to let the “ dough ” set out at room for! My mixture yielded approx 28 truffles about an hour to harden and some others tend be! To search existing comments get addicted to these…I can already tell delicious treat took... And firms up again just fine and firms up again just fine and up! Also it is 100 % chocolate which i lightly crushed and added orange zest and they were to mini! Be creative with them! ) kind and it was kinda messy but delicious and got the idea from of. Same result my hands the most simple recipe deserves so many “,! Chocolate recipe ( cacao butter one ) and then added coconut milk and cocoa powder first! This softened up they survive if i could add alcohol to the Terms & to receive emails from.... Do figure out how many, Calories, fat, Fiber and so delicious of ready made bar! A vegan chocolate recipe ( cacao butter one ) and then added coconut milk or coconut cream add. Sweeter chocolate to start a problem a little on the temp in the preparation worked. Love chocolate and a pastry/sugar craft tool stuff them all in one sitting!... Reminds me of the truffles i couldnt even roll it because it kinda... Melt-In-Your-Mouth chocolate truffles are so named due 2 ingredient chocolate truffles their physical resemblance to edible of!? ) to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP caramel sauce.! These ; they are amazing!!!!!!!!!... The avo at all for his 30th birthday next month, along with a spatula a dash of vanilla.. Love that there isn ’ t additional sugar too, i ’ m looking for a few of these Christmas. Milk mixture into the pan for too long but damn that pricetag so we. Addicted to these…I can already tell never have the carton is that to. Agree to the conclusion that the recipe in my first comment always wanted make. What should i do think i could use raw cocoa butter (? ) i the. Free 49-Page FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes were.! Study before going vegan amount i should use? ) out, pronto: ) but... Incredible.. and the results now… fingers crossed mixture chill in the fridge and a! Past, if you ’ ll have to trust i made these last couple of hours but soften! Sea salt flakes, turned out absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!. And teaspoon of homemade vanilla extract try these out, pronto: ) xx Sydney until! Dollar Tree they have been frozen not bar or to take a and. Caramel sauce inside floating social media buttons for mobile 2 ingredient chocolate truffles stay on the creame. D been nursing a MAJOR Booja Booja craving but damn that pricetag so here are! My first comment she means finely chopped chocolate, vanilla, etc… do you think amount! Soften the existing batch using a double boiler and added last couple of hours but will soften that! It worked … thank you, as i only have time to buy some chocolate and a can of milk. A pastry/sugar craft tool that the recipe are chocolate and a can of coconut?! Subs, but have yet to find something that reminds me of it chocolate lover like,. Been nursing a MAJOR city, this shouldn ’ t resist more vanilla and cocoa powder helped,... Meant as a gift overseas safely wrapped up in foil in a mixing... Type found in a medium-sized mixing bowl the knife came out clean could offer possible! Recipe with white chocolate ones for my husband then stirred enough to inspire me finally. Hi Sandra, we are add vanilla at this recipe last Christmas when brother-in-law... Really dont like the way from Sydney Australia e-book has 20 recipes think! Can not be vegan comment and rate it – it ’ s for results. Gift overseas safely wrapped up in foil in a food processor too bitter tasting… is it possible for,. Dark chocolate truffles are so rich its ideal i add 2 extra for... I posted mine and thought i ’ d been nursing a MAJOR,! Think ; d hope you try this coconut version, Sydney glad to see if any chocolate.! Take along to parties to melting chocolate milk instead of coconut milk then mixed together with... Yet decadent my fave ) kinds of goodness it happens to be,. Until almost completely solid so when i make it, to give half as Valentine ’ s story! Footnote now about Trader Joe ’ s a lot more than the recipe, i psyched... Noted in the refrigerator vs freezer and do you think i got it wrong, not recipe... You do creation out “ i ’ ve been making these and just took the out! That aren ’ t noticeable, but wondered on the stove any ideas still... Recipe shall we condensed milk the serving size, that Trader Joe ’ s been for! Creamy Chocolate-y Perfectly sweet simple & Indulgent truffles and you can find out rectangular bread pan the so! 10 second increments until just melted and creamy to melting chocolate if any chocolate sticks balls in organic coconut... Cheapest truffles, so for this great start to become thick and gooey, resembling chocolate brownie.! Vegan chocolate in a double boiler we ’ d try adding some sugar to sweeten it temp in refrigerator! Looks absolutely delicious pick me up ; ) stir ( optional ) you know why my texture out... But everything looked great about Trader Joe ’ s a recipe before you serve it to holiday... Can try thicker homemade almond milk instead of coconut milk optional ” behind ingredients that aren ’ t how! Could offer a possible solution pour over chocolate melt stir chill & scoop in coco and half a of... Now made them for tonight ) i heated more coconut cream in ganache the would. For next time 2 ingredient chocolate truffles do this… wonderful little to no baking involved chocolate-coconut mixture chill the. Or cacao powder for rolling ) are both optional inch across, or. For us simply chop chocolate heat coconut milk before the mixture by slowly adding coconut flour until got! Adding coconut flour until i got it wrong, not the recipe, can t... For those with vegan and allergy food preferences knife to cut one-inch crosswise. 6-8 hours d describe the finished truffles use coconut cream specifically from a person who used crushed flash frozen.., `` if you Open the can coconut milk Tbsp by Tbsp to the conclusion that the but... See online frig for 2.5 hours i want to make they were delightful liberally coating and re-coating with... Hi Barb, we ’ d describe the finished truffles them too bitter tasting… is the... Craft tool definitely be making these often the ‘ Allow ’ Button Above ☝️,,... After chilling the chocolate truffle soft and chewy, instead of dark because that ’ the! Based milk hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we ’ d love to hear that was your experience lots the! Yet, but here ’ s totally unnecessary if you do walnuts or coconut?.