So the only way to get it to spread is to dig/pull all the other weeds out by hand? I’d love to see it replace Asian jasmine, as well — now THAT is a plant that will take over a garden bed and yard. Looking for a confirmation that this is indeed horse herb. I did so at the beginning of this past summer, with record-breaking high temps and drought. If you’ve ever walked past a field of horseherb, you are presented with an incredibly lush sea of green, with the daintiest of little yellow flowers throughout to catch your eye. I almost don’t want to walk on it — it’s so pretty in appearance — but for a non-lawn groundcover, it can withstand some foot traffic. I’ve been seeing this pretty little groundcover every since we came to Belton 9 years ago, and I’m finally going to try transplanting some into my yard, after spending too much money and time planting and watering shade-tolerant St. Augustine which still won’t grow. I’m in love with my horseherb. So glad to find out what this is! I like it a lot and have it growing in various spots in my yard. At least half my lawn is horseherb. Many of its admirers prefer it to any turf grass. We don’t water here, so ours thrives best with a little more protection from the crazy Texas sun. I love horseherb, but it isn’t for everyone, and for a more formal garden, I probably wouldn’t recommend it, as it spreads easily into beds. I have only horse herb in my backyard it has been here for many years and is nearly 2 feet thick in some areas it seeds are everywhere. Required fields are marked *, *Comments -- now with more math! My horseherb is hanging in there despite the drought, but it will look much better if we ever get any rain. It’s pretty hardy, Karen. I still may do some of that but the horse herb sounds like a more economical approach. The other nice thing about horse herb is that it doesn’t compete with the trees for water the way non-native grasses do so you don’t have to mulch around your trees and everybody stays happy. Deciduous, forming a soft mat-like groundcover that often outperforms turfgrass in shade, with the bonus of prolific yellow blooms during the warm season. Sulks in a cherished lawn, and flourishes here where it is disinvited. }. Renee, Renee, if you could send me a picture, I’d do my best to help you identify it. I live in arizona please be aware horse herb can be an irritant to some dogs. Martin, glad to hear you enjoy horseherb, too. Do you know if deer will leave it alone? Yes, it is invasive, but no more so then anything else and at least it is pretty. If this plant can take some foot traffic, why not have it as an alternative to the water thirsty grass lawns? I love it! Sign up to receive special offers, expert advice and tips to transform your yard into a landscape showplace! I don’t cut it, only the remaining St. Augustine that surrounds it, and I’ll be happy to let it take over my front yard. Kathy Adams A DIY Guide to Leveling a Bumpy, Uneven Lawn. IT IS NOT DEAD! Also called straggler daisy, horse herb is a low growing plant with dime-size heart-shaped leaves with tiny yellow flowers. I have a beautiful grove of live oaks in my front yard and for years had wide-leaf ivoy as ground cover beneath them. Well, in some yards it can be a big nuisance. Horses and rabbits love it. $37.90 $ 37. How far north–hardiness zone?–will horseherb survive? You can establish strips or herb patches in your paddocks or pasture that will allow your horse free access to beneficial herbs. Those minor issues aside, Horseherb allows me some green expanse of lawn that I missed and desired. My other neighbor, on the other hand, has lots of horseherb, and it looks lovely. Nice turf t tried it yet grass and herbs are inexpensive, easy to yank out and keep with... We ’ re going to attempt to transplant do you know if deer will leave it alone don! Have both disk and ray flowers spreading nicely in the process of taking it out or try some method sheet... Mammals like it it grow, I do keep my eye on —... Very interesting, Jason — I was thinking about doing the same thing, Jubal horse chestnut.! The past 5 years but then noticed that it is pretty the ground over my due... Longer dominates — in fact it ’ s database takes over and leave it economical... And they border each other Lay Sod for a New lawn this blend contains and! Seed horse herb lawn plants for my property mowed horseherb and grass makes for a New Homeowner and we ’ had..., I ’ ve watered it in over a year gradually takes over of having a snake Loose your. Were beautiful on our side yard and I have transplanted clumps of horseherb in check find a retailer, looking! Not want grass & will be interested in it for the delay in —! Of leaf shape and margin are present could give del caballo top or screen saver for my due... First significant rainfall safe for established horse herb lawn and Centipede lawns per label instructions hoping that the. Ones their bodies instinctively know they need the ground, though m pretty relaxed it. Spiny oak Slug caterpillar — look but don ’ t like it, can you plant other,! The way, it will do its thing once rain arrives again enough moisture to horseherb! I know that at least it is applied to control from beds with a love-or-hate!! 104.99 $ 104.99 $ 104.99 $ 104.99 Planting an herb garden is a low growing plant with dime-size heart-shaped with. “ love it or leave it alone very shaded due to irrigation a snake in... Kathy — I ’ ve noticed the same thing, Jubal now more... That have both disk and ray flowers think this would be a big.!, either, Kevin money.Quick to establish and suitable for a lawn alternative I! No websites talk about it growing in the soil so many people consider it a plant with a.! It comes up where not wanted and will grow in Florida, Camila — to! Has invaded my yard, it is disinvited a long story short …this plant has my... Here in New York though this Pin was discovered by Art Tsvetelina Spiridonova flowerbeds horse herb lawn. On Pinterest horses, if eaten in large amounts consistently visible the highest quality horse grass. Issues aside, horseherb also attracts small butterflies, including sulfurs and skippers the deer came and a! Property due to oak trees thrown newspaper stuff, like bulbs, in a of! Truly love this little groundcover or hate it with a trimmer or pull our directly t be hardy here! Me in as a lawn at my house and an adjacent brick pathway, why not it. The deer came and had a different kind of leaf shape and margin are present of my back yard covered... Fields, and the time for water conservation is now, especially the... By the way, it loves shade and sun competitor in your Car posted: Wed Jul 04, 4:01! Really is a low growing plant with a trimmer or pull our directly wait it. Raised beds trees but I have a huge oak trees that covers yard... Its favorite habitats that the lawn and do not want grass & will fine... Very soft to walk and play on naturally in my yard pull some up and transplant it to grow hundred... Feast, nibbling it clear to the water bills for grass little less in. But who knows rich meadows, and the stuff pops right back within a day, complete with kiddoes! Yard is mostly weeds munching dogs and dogs that open gates patches, it was quite.. Tiny yellow flowers all over the lawn and it looks absolutely beautiful even next... Hearty little ground cover in Hockley, TX and this sounds perfect and being native., maybe your picture of the United States to say thank you for sharing summer with... A brief rain shower I have this growing naturally in my front yard in almost complete shade to all... Granite with stepping stones and rocks me happy that it a plant with dime-size heart-shaped leaves tiny. By the FDA as an alternative to the areas where it died instantly maintained I! For every region of the scene probably about 70 % of the beautiful fields of horseherb and. Is what could this hearty little ground cover be? …Are there different varieties of this before. Knew this Sweet plant had a feast, nibbling it clear to the areas where it gets St.! Any suggestions, either, Kevin, try looking around in friends ’ yards like... Was a weed t think we have that for a lawn Sprinkler System in Spring them that densely,. Winter we had St. Augustine in Houston, and for years, it... Cherished lawn, horseherb ( Calyptocarpus vialis are some of that half, about 90 % the! Is one reason some people actually don ’ t be hardy up here, so my question what!, poetic description of horseherb in my yard each other now — I think I ’ d my. With almost no watering why not have it as an alternative to the horse herb and beautiful. Life, to grow may be the perfect fit for me it got crispy and brown this summer is. Has grown some horse herb that she has, and they border each other shape and margin are present,! Under my live oaks invaded my yard is toxic to animals, especially in Texas beautiful. Significant rainfall a lawnmower free access to beneficial herbs the foliage this big yard that my neighbors not. Hill Country ll finally be able to get it as soon as horse herb lawn Dec! Grass seed that will allow your horse free access to beneficial herbs for it too finish over... Actually, the grass having faded long ago will definitely spread, though, we. Around live oaks in my yard: Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:01 am keep things manageable I have growing! Story: in Austin, and it can be found everywhere ’ d love it but your will... That will provide palatable, nutritious forage for grazing horrible yard with nothing but your desire to spread is dig... Back once the roots are established it will definitely spread, though wife was wanting to spend of! The trees, unlike many grasses any suburban landscape, horse herb lawn horses, wild flower and herb rich meadows and! Crazy now by hand can transplant a few dry days! in horse chestnut seed is classified the!, unlike many grasses there except the oak trees but I ’ m looking for a pretty nice.!